Nuestra Participacion junto a Acampante, para la instalacion "Post Digital Monster" en la edicion de Pictoplasma en Paris desde el 8 al 11 de diciembre de 2011

Les presentamos a nuestro "Yeti":

Pictoplasma - Post Digital Monster

The Missing Link Research Project
The Pictoplasma project collects and charts the stylistic and formal progress of contemporary character design. Even the slightest shifts become recognisable, allowing fascinating insights into zeitgeist trends and obsessions. The latest craze seems to be for white fluffy creatures, just featureless enough to serve as empty projection screens, and just hairy enough to be ultimately huggable. A recent open call launched by Pictoplasma for images of the Yeti, Big Foot or Sasquatch unleashed a veritable avalanche of over 5000 entries from around the globe, with sightings occurring in South Africa, Iran, Bogota, Korea, Russia, North Carolina, New Zealand, and everywhere in between. The research project is an ongoing invitation to the public to draw their own version of the Missing Link legend. Add it to the collection and help us get closer to one of the last mysterious beings in our culture of visual overload and instant google-search gratification.


Fotos por Maxime Dufour